What Is Montresor's Character Development In The Cask Of Amontillado

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Edgar Allen Poe’s short story, “The Cask of Amontillado”, features the story of Montresor and Fortunato in a horror story where one person seeks revenge over the other. Montresor is the main character, narrating his actions towards the readers. He describes the event taken place as he attempts to kill Fortunato for the unspecific injures Fortunato inflict on him (Poe). In this story, Montrestor faces the human condition of vengeance, seeking to attack others for past misdeeds. Moreover, Poe’s horror story uses the theme of vengeance to show character development in Montresor, to describe Montresor’s deceptive actions to kill Fortuanto, and to explain Montresor’s feelings at the end of the story.
Montresor’s character development does not change
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For example, Montresor understands that Fortunato has a passion for connoisseurship in wine, meaning that Fortunato judges the taste of wine (Poe). This means that Fortunato enjoyed tasting wine, leaving Montresor to use Fortunato’s talent to his advantage. Montresor influences Fortunato that he has the Amontillado, which makes Fortunato interested to taste it in order to differentiate Sherry from the Amontillado (Poe). Montresor planned to get Fortunato drunk in order for Fortunato to suffer from impaired judgment and a cloudy mind, unable to know Montresor’s plan. Montresor’s deceptive plan shows the double meaning of the Amontillado. Fortunato thought that the Amontillado was a type of wine, but Montresor revealed that the Amontillado was actually a “pile of bones” of a dead person. It is also a double meaning of Montresor’s simile. Montresor deceives his friend by attending the carnival with a smile to keep Fortunato in good spirits until Montresor finds the perfect moment for retribution (Poe). Montresor’s simile is scary, but deceptive in order make Fortunato comfortable long enough for Montresor to finish his plan; this prevents Fortunato from knowing the truth about Montresor’s vengeance it until it is too late. Therefore, deception makes revengeful Montresor have power over Fortunato, using both Fortunato’s talent and …show more content…
Though Montresor and Fortunato thought that this became a joke, the joke went too far after Montresor hears no answer from Fortunato. After Montresor realized that Fortunato dies, he describes his heart becoming “sick” due to the dampness of the catacombs (Poe). His sickening heart describes the aftermath of killing his friend. While most readers consider that Montresor felt bad for what he did, others would disagree, saying that Montresor felt triumph over it. Montresor’s act of vengeance leads to death. Practical jokes and pranks become a problem when they influence injury to someone else. Though Montresor though he had impunity, Montresor had to face the fact that he killed his best friend, leaving the Italian town to mourn Fortunato’s death without uncovering his tomb. Moreover, Montresor’s plan of vengeance turned out to be a practical joke gone wrong, resulting in death and a sicken

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