What Is Minimalism And Basic Principles Of A Minimalistic Life?

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If you’d like to change your lifestyle from high-consumption to happier and less material driven way of life, a minimalistic lifestyle could well be the answer.

In this guide, we’ll equip you with an understanding of minimalism and the basic principles of a minimalistic life. We’ll highlight the benefits of this approach and provide you with a five-step plan to a super minimalistic life.

What is a minimalistic life?

Minimalistic life is often misunderstood as a whacky fad. When people hear someone is living a minimalistic life, they think the person doesn’t have a TV, a computer or almost any other household item (if they even have a house!). Furthermore, people who lead a minimalistic lifestyle are considered idealistic hippies, who don’t understand their privilege.

But none of the above is actually true. So, what is minimalism about?

What is minimalism?

In essence, minimalism is a lifestyle to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on the aspects that are the most important for you. Therefore, minimalism doesn’t have an ultimate list of things to discard. Each person defines minimalism differently and the excesses and areas of focus can differ from person to person.

Minimalism does typically result in a lifestyle with the following characteristics:

• Less: clutter, time commitments, negative thought patters and toxic relationships
• More: time, space and energy to focus on things that are meaningful to the person

To some, minimalism might mean living…

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