What Is Meditation Technique Has Been Proven Help Alleviate Workplace Stress?

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Workplace stress is a common factor in everyday lives that can lead to health and mental issues. It is important to work with employers and their staff to help with this growing problem within the workplace. Stress can lead to less morale and productivity if not addressed properly. Many companies put pressure on employees to meet bottom line and customers’ demands. With this pressure comes lack of safety, health issues, and the added stress to meet the daily demands of management.

There are laws that help with workplace safety and overall health, but employees still have the symptoms of stress that could be alleviated by some type of meditation. Which type and how it is implemented is what employers are discussing without cutting into their bottom lines. This paper will provide evidence to answer the question: Which meditation technique has been proven to help alleviate workplace stress?

Annotated Bibliography

Workplace Stress Is an Often Overlooked Safety & Health Problem, Survey Shows. (2014) Professional Safety, 59(4), 12.

A survey was conducted with professionals from industries including manufacturing, construction, health services, and oil and gas. Twenty-four percent of participants reported stress as a health and safety issue while 20% reported being over-worked as not receiving enough consideration in their facilities. However, three out of five concerns that are mostly overlooked are psychosocial concerns. Physical dangers like hazardous…

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