Essay about What Is Meant by a Positive Environment Your Children.

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What is meant by a positive environment?
What is meant by a positive environment is a happy place. A happy environment is a setting that has structure and routine so that children can rely on a secure environment. Always looking at the positive in everything that children do can help them to be more confident. A positive environment can also help to stimulate children and in affect make the children want to learn more.

There are regulatory requirements that underpin a positive environment for young children. There are two compulsory register for child care providers working with children under 5 years:

The Early Years Register
Childminders and childcare providers registered on the Early Years Register must meet the legal
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Au pairs are regulated by the Home Office but the work they do is not registered or inspected.
• Services which cater only for children aged eight or over.

Every Child Matters
Every Child Matters main aims are for every child, whatever their background or circumstances, to have the support they need to:
 Be healthy
 Stay safe
 Enjoy and achieve
 Make a positive contribution
 Achieve economic well-being
Every child matters uses multiple agencies in partnership, working together to achieve the aims listed above. The agencies in partnership may include children's centres, early years, schools, children's social work services, primary and secondary health services, playwork, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS). In the past it has been argued that children and families have received poorer services because of the failure of professionals to understand each other's roles or to work together. Every Child Matters aims to change this, emphasising the need for all professionals working with children to work together, sharing information and services.

Flying Start
Flying Start brings together education, childcare, health and social services and combines the

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