What Is Meant By Disciplinary Literacy Instruction? How Is This Accomplished? Why Is It Important?

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1.) Explain what is meant by disciplinary literacy instruction? How is this accomplished? Why is it important? Cite sources (Subban article; Shanahan article). Disciplinary literacy instruction is literacy instruction that takes place within the different content areas (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008). Subjects such as math, history, and science require approaches to literacy that are unique to the content area that might not make sense otherwise. Just as one would approach reading poetry differently than reading a biography, each content area requires the use of reading tactics specific to the type of reading that is taking place. Teachers accomplish disciplinary literacy instruction by employing strategies that make the content accessible and comprehensible to students. Levey & Murnane (as cited in Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008, p. 43) say that there is an increasing need for readers who possess a more complex knowledge of literacy. This may be due in part to the changing careers that are available in our modern times (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008). Furthermore, disciplinary literacy instruction is important because a reader should not use the same process to read history as they would for reading math.
2.) How is instruction differentiated? Why is differentiation essential? What does research say to validate the practice of differentiating instruction?
According to Huebner (2010) instruction is generally differentiated by adjusting the content of a lesson, the process by…

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