What Is Marriage Or Not? Essay

1986 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 null Page
What is marriage? Some people say that “marriage is defined between a man and a woman” (Sterngass 19). But why should a commitment with such importance only be allowed between a man and a woman? Weren’t we the ones who fought against segregation, yet we are the ones discriminating against homosexual couples? Homosexuals have feelings too. They have partners too. They are also human beings who all they want is to legally marry their significant other. Isn’t society against bullying? This issue has been such a controversy and multiple campaigns have been created in order to prevent it from spreading more negativity in the world. Why are we bullying these people just because they love someone of their same gender? Whatever happened to equal opportunities and equal rights? Not allowing homosexuals to marry is against the equal protection law; therefore, they should be issued marriage licenses by the state. The earliest forms of marriage did not require any government approval and were formed by families (Sterngass 25).The families would make sure that the person their daughter/son was marrying was someone with the same social status as them. Most women and men used to marry just for the money and not out of love. Men who were already married would have mistresses to satisfy their sexual needs, but they never once took a glance at their wives. Women would be considered trophy wives because they were just their partner’s property; their job was to obey their man and his orders…

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