What Is Love If You Are Not With The One Who Does Not Make You Happy?

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What is love if you are not with the one who does not make you happy? The one who does not make you feel special, who does not treat you like a proper woman, and makes you feel like you are just another person. Leaving the man of your dreams, the one you grew up with, only to betray him for fortune. The one who was there for the good and the bad times, who lets you be free and act as you please. Although, you abandon him knowing well that he was from a low class who did not guarantee you a bright future. You are married to the one you do not truly love though, you say you love him, yet you are only with him for the money and to keep your high social status in place to ensure you have a good future. Is it so bad to love someone only for financial reasons, knowing you are a woman in the 1800s who can not attain the same wealth no matter how hard you work, and if you do, you are forced to hide your true identity. In Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, the narration is told through a diary entry by Lockwood in which he has written testaments told by a servant, Nelly Dean, explaining the stories of the complex characters. She shows the roles of social classes between the characters with some being high class, and others being low class. Scholar Derbra Goodlett’s article Love and Addiction in Wuthering Heights, demonstrates the destructiveness of love and Heathcliff’s and Catherine’s addiction to love that leads to their demises. She believes Bronte shows that love is an addiction…

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