Leading By A Fact Or Fiction Analysis

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Lead by Example: Fact or Fiction?
What is a leader? “A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible” -Mark Yarnell. Leaders are brave, don’t give up, and they lead from their heart. One of the leaders that we know is God. He made anything possible and everything you can’t imagine. Is it Fact or Fiction to be a leader? If you picked fiction, is your life a fantasy? There are two choices to make in order to be a leader. Those choices are to be marvelous or atrocious. The real leader is authentic and will show us the right way to go. Courageousness is one of them, another way to say courageous is brave. It takes a lot of bravery to be a leader. It takes true leadership to help steer someone the right way instead of the wrong way. As a leader,
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You need to make right decisions before every move you make. Think before you act because once it has been done, you can’t go back. Every action has consequences; be careful what decision you’re about to make. You have to be able to communicate with others around you. Leaders are human too and they can’t do everything by themselves. So, that is when the followers come and help the leader. They will share what their opinions/ideas are to help solve the problem they’re facing. The characteristics that good leaders have are to be patient and be responsible. Usually not everything you plan goes the way you want it to, and leaders have to be patient by not giving up. The point of being a leader is to help people achieve their goals and set a good example for them. For example: You may fail the times you have tried, but not giving up is one of the keys to leadership. A true leader will lead from their heart, and never stop. "Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart, a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference."-- Mac Anderson. They will follow their heart instead of their mind. Every good leader has changed people's’ lives, including …show more content…
Learn. Examples. Authentic. Determent. Effort. Responsible. Successful. Helping. Imagination. Positive. Easy simple words, but in reality it's not. By learning is meaning to learn from your mistake and make it better. Definition of Examples is to set a good influence to others. Authentic means generous, being a leader you want to be unselfish and share with your community. Determent basically means by believing yourself, which is important and having self-confidence. If you want to achieve you have to put an effort in your work to accomplish your goals. Responsible is to get the job done in time. Successful is what you get by being a good leader and putting your hard work into it. Helping in leadership is the main point of being a leader. The followers admires to the leader because leaders inspire them. Imagination, leaders dream big and let others to dream together. Be positive, most people always looks more into a negative thing instead of a positive thing. Leaders are different they will think the opposite and will think outside of the box. When people think outside the box go back and think inside the

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