Essay about What Is Knowledge Or Wisdom?

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The word “philosophy” is normally associated with questioning and discovering the truth behind topics such as reasoning, existence, and knowledge. Philosophers ask questions left and right in order to gain more knowledge about the world, leading them to become known as “lovers of wisdom.” This ultimately leads to the question of “What is knowledge or wisdom?” Philosophers ponder over what it is to truly “know” something, and how trustworthy are the facts that humans thought they knew. Over the years, countless theories about knowledge arose until one definition of knowledge became widely recognized: Justified, True, Belief. The concept of justified, true, belief is centered around conditions that must be fulfilled in order for someone to know something. In order for a certain person, X, to know P, the proposition “P” must be true and believed by X. X’s belief in P must also be justified. Even though justified, true, belief is frequently credited, the conditions are not sufficient in defining knowledge due to a counterexample proposed by philosopher Edmund Gettier.The Gettier example will show that justified, true, belief is not a complete definition for knowledge and more conditions will need to be added on to truly be the definition for knowledge.
According to the justified, true, belief theory, in order for X to know the proposition “P”, P will need to be true. To be true means that P must be P and cannot be anything besides P. For example, one plus one equals two because…

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