What Is It ``? Essay examples

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What is “It”?
Creeping down the stairs at seven in the morning, quietly unlocking the door that leads onto the back porch, I get up to take in the sun rising over the ocean, watching it rise for the first and last time of the day. Draped around me like armor is my blanket, and clutched tightly in hand is my shield, which is the novel that I am currently reading. I sit on the porch for an hour, before I hear my friend stumbling down the stairs still trying to wipe away the sleep still in her eyes. She walks onto the porch in a way much similar to mine, but she scrunches her eyes closed as the sun shines into them. She continues walking down the stairs that lead to the beach. Closing my book, I set it down on the seat, and get up to follow her, so we could take our morning walk across the beach. As we walk, we pass an old lady walking her dog, and a man runs past us as he takes his morning run. The only sounds beating against my eardrums are ones of the waves beating against the sand, and the padding of our feet as we walk along the water’s edge. There isn’t much conversation between us, because we do not need to talk in order to be content. In this moment, we are simply happy with being in each other’s presence. Of course, we do make conversation as we walk, as an occasional event bursts into our minds, that the other has yet to hear and we begin to tell our tales.
This is my best memory and place that I am happiest because here I am with my best friend, the…

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