Essay about What Is It Like, Do You See It?

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What is it like, do you see it?
What is it like to be an African American in this time period? Well, please allow me this opportunity to explain what I believe is an ordinary day of an African American man or woman is like in the United States of America. In a country that we were all taught these words, “Freedom, Equality, Justice for all, is the founding principles that were established to make America great………….”
I am an African American young lady and during my short life span, I, as have been my parents and their parents, have experienced racism. Racism is a form of extreme hatred. Most psychiatrists believe that racism is a cultural and social problem, not a matter of individual pathology. However, I am of the opinion, that the truth lies closer to fame Harvard University psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint’s position, that extreme racism is treatable, and sometimes even lesser forms of racism are treatable because they have psychodynamics to them. Racism don’t exist as a true social problem, they exist as psychological problems inside the individual. African Americans routinely are stared at by Caucasians in a predominately Caucasian environments as if they “aren’t supposed to be there” for example, a beach late at night, a symphonic orchestra concert, tennis championship matches and or a cricket game. Today in 2015, African Americans still get made fun of because of their skin complexion, hair texture, clothing, culture and the way they enunciate their words. They…

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