What Is It About Theories in the Human Sciences and Natural Sciences That Makes Them Convincing

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When I was very young, my science teacher taught me Charles Darwin’s evolution theory, and I never doubted that theory since Darwin is a well-known scientist and the authority in the field of biology. Until one day, I became a Christian; I need to accept another theory which is that human beings are created by God. My knowledge had a crash. I have never seen neither earlier species develop to human beings nor God creates human beings by using mud. That is when I started to question the knowledge that I have acquired from all the areas of knowledge. Why I am convinced by the theories? What do I or should I really believe?
When I was first introduced to Newton’s third law of motions which is the mutual force of action and reaction between
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just like playing piano, as long as one gets the piano sheets, the melody that he or she plays will be the same with others who are at the different age or have different cultural background. However, one’s emotion could effects the accuracy of the natural sciences sometimes. The natural scientists therefore are required to do the experiment over and over again also they try to control all the possible variables in order to avoid the result affected by the emotion. For me, I can prove theories in natural sciences by using the same method as the scientist did. No matter how many times I do the experiment. The result does not change. The strict and universally accept methodology makes me have a very strong faith in theories in natural sciences. Even though we can use different methods to justify most of the natural science theories, some of the theories are so abstract that even some of the scientists cannot understand them. When facing those theories that I am not smart enough to question or to challenge, I am not a natural science student anymore, I became like an uneducated child, but I am still convinced by those abstruse theories. This is not blind faith, I used reasoning as a way of knowing to decide whether the knowledge is convincing. When I read “the Brief History of Time” by Steven Hawking I did not understand any theories mentioned in the book, but I still believe it. This is because that since a lot of Hawking’s theories had been commonly accepted, I

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