What Is Isolation In Of Mice And Men

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Loneliness in Of Mice and Men
Humans have an innate need to build social connections with other people. When these bonds are absent, it is easy to feel isolated and thus struggle to understand others. Loneliness is prevalent in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, making it impossible for characters to build strong relationships with one another. This obstacle is encountered several times over the course of the novel by Curley’s wife, Crooks, and George, who often allow it to obscure other characters’ perceptions of their personalities.
Curley’s wife, who appears on the surface to have no problems approaching others, hides her loneliness behind a persona that renders her misunderstood and eventually leads to her demise. Because she is so desperate
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In the last scene of the novel, George kills Lennie to spare him the fate of being tortured by an enraged Curley. After he does so, Steinbeck describes the setting by stating, “The brush seemed filled with cries and with the sound of running feet … George sat stiffly on the bank and looked at his right hand that had thrown the gun away”(106-107). The reader learns as a result of this description precisely how George is feeling. As the other ranchers crow with joy at their removal of a menace, he is in shock brought on by the atrocious act he has been forced to commit. He feels lonely and vulnerable at this time, and the fact that his moment of defeat is their moment of triumph is yet another wedge that has been placed between him and forming strong relationships.
Indeed, loneliness in Of Mice and Men is the main obstacle that divides the characters. George, Curley’s wife, and Crooks each grapple with this problem, allowing it to stop them from creating any form of bonding between themselves and other characters. Steinbeck’s novel therefore suggests that people need to look past their own feelings of isolation in order to truly be able to relate to anyone

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