What Is Internet Marketing? Essay

2103 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
What is internet Marketing? We are in the age where everything is digital and people want to buy things online. In today 's time, people want everything to be fast and convenient. Over the years the trend of shopping online has become one of the top ways to shop other than going into the store. Internet marketing is shopping online with complete freedom to buy any item using credit or debit cards. Internet marketing is also referred to as e-marketing. Internet marketing has changed the way companies and consumers buy and sell their products and there are advantages and disadvantages of using internet marketing. Internet marketing is used of course online and the specific target is people who use the internet to buy and sell products.
Mostly what is brought online is computers, computers accessories, and consumer electronics. Then there are books, music, videos, packed goods, food, beverage, furniture, and gifts. Consumers shop online for various reasons. Which are a convenience, choice, customization, communication, cost, and control. First, there is convince. Shopping online is one of the fastest ways to shop. Most consumers use the eight-second rule when shopping this means that in eight seconds if they can not navigate and download they will move to a different website (Kerin, Hartley 605). Second, there is a choice. There are so many different options to online shopping. Third, there is customization this is the practice of not only customizing a product or service…

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