Holism Analysis

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Friday October 7, 2016 Preceptor: Tiffany Sheppard Location: 2 North unity
Level Objective/Core value: #6 Synthesize Holism
Definition: According to the UACCB level 4 grading tool (2016) p. 2;
Holism: Initiate, evaluate, and update plan of care used to guide patient care. Utilize advocacy resources appropriately in meeting the comprehensive needs of patients. Manage/provide care that considers the patient/family/community as an integrated system. Manage/provide care for patients with acute, chronic, or life-threatening physical conditions. Holistic nursing is a method which according to Craven (2013) “Nurses deal with the whole person, examining the physical, psychological, interpersonal, and spiritual aspects of each patient’s life” (p.
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When taking care of patients the nurse needs to consider each of these factors. I Feel like I was able to meet this objective today with my patient. My patient came into the observation unit with a chief complaint of constipation but, she had a bowel movement earlier that day. When my nurse and I arrived was showing signs of confusion. The nurses that gave report said that she had been having panic attacks for most of the day and was only oriented to person. Her distress according to Ignatavicius (2016) could be from relocation stress syndrome which is defined as “the physical and emotional distress that occurs after the person moves from one setting to another” (p. 12). The patient had fell on the unit the night before. When we got report she was sitting on the side of the bed trying to get up and moaning that she was in pain. After getting report we passed her medications which included anxiety medication and Morphine, because of the medication and the fact that she fell the night before the nurse didn’t want her to get up out of bed and the previous shift had placed a Foley. We were finally able to get her calmed down around 2300, and I went a got her something to eat. The patient fell …show more content…
Elimination is one of the physiological needs that is in Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs (Craven, 2013, p. 14). According to Maslow, physiologic needs are the motivating forces of life (Craven, 2013, p. 14). When a person is not able to perform the basic function of elimination it can cause problems with self-perception and roles. Since self-worth is an important factor in a patient’s health (Craven, 2013, p. 24), not allowing them to take care of their physical needs can have a harmful

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