What Is Huxley's Dream In Brave New World

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A lot of modern society reflects Aldous Huxley's vision of what the world would be like in his novel Brave New World. In the novel, Huxley predicts that in the new society people would rely on drugs for antidepressants, sex being more a means-to-an-end instead of a privilege, and the constant need and want for technology. Instead of understanding and heading the consequences of what Huxley is trying to get across in this novel, we as a society have ignored him and ended up in the same type of dystopia that Huxley fears. After reading this novel it is apparent that we may differ slightly from the events in this novel such as daily soma, but we are certainly headed that way. In the novel characters are prevented from reading books, at one point …show more content…
Young adults and even those who are supposed to be role models, abuse drugs on weekly basis to “deal with their stresses and problems.” Huxley portrays this through a drug called soma. The civilians of the World State take soma to numb themselves to any other feeling than happiness and euphoria. “Huxley feared the truth would be drown in a sea of irrelevance,” I interpreted this as drugs being an escape from reality. Soma is abused to the point where they call overdosing a holiday...I fear this is exactly what further legalization of drugs will do to the mindset of today’s teens. Lenina has trouble understanding why Bernard does not take some when he is troubled she says, “instead of being miserable you'd be jolly. So jolly” (101). By not distracting themselves from the truth with drugs, possibly our society can go back to being healthy, and functional, instead of being judgemental and overbearing.
In the novel “Brave New World,” the characters go through trials and tribulations, and the way each character chooses to deals with their struggles is representative of how faulty our society has become. For example, Lenina and her inability to function without her happy drug soma, or even understand the beauty of nature. Books have become a lost art, even though the technology we so much rely on has made reading more accessible and easy. Overall i hope my generation can bring up these ideas and create a massive change in today’s broken society, and build it up to something

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