Unit 1 Human Resource Management Assignment

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Assignment 1
When it comes to Human Resource Management as I stated in my discussion when I think about Human Resources Management I think about the many roles the personnel has to take on in order to run a successful business the HR team must make sure they understand the laws they must abide by to make sure the business is running smoothly that they provide the right resources for employee. The three items that I find interesting is 1, providing employment opportunity, a safe workplace, analyzing work, and designing jobs, 2 recruiting human resources selecting employees, and job placement, 3 training employees and managing employee performance. When it comes to providing employment opportunity, and a safe workplace I think this is the most
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When it comes to analyzing work, this is interesting to. me because it talks about the process of getting detailed information about jobs, what is required to carry out the job, the HR personnel has to understand and match job requirements and people because everyone have a certain task that they are really good at. When it comes to designing jobs I believe that it can give new insight on how new jobs con be implemented into the work place and the requirements that an employee must meet to make sure the job task is done efficiently. The second item that I thought was very interesting is recruiting human resources, selecting employees, and job placement I found this very interesting because in order for a business to run successfully it starts with the HR personnel making sure the person that is chosen knows about the business is key this way they are able to come in and select the right employee for the job selecting employees can be difficult because there are so many people with so much experience I always wondered how does the HR personnel choose the right person I know people who are well qualified for certain jobs but they end up not getting it. I am interested in this because I want to know how they do job placements how do they choose between two …show more content…
I believe this course will give me great understanding on these topics. Another topic that interest me was training employees and managing employee performances. This topic is important because in order for any company to run and stay on top of the job requirements they must train employees on any new updates for example working in the child care field there are many changes in laws when it comes to working with children it is mandatory and is the companies responsibility to keep their employees trained and up to date on any new changes. How does a company manage employee performances when they are not watching them every minute? The text give details on how companies go about doing this there are many ways employers manage their employee job performance such as making comparisons, rating individuals, measuring results, and total quality management (Noe; Hollenbeck; Gerhart; Wright;, 2011, pp. 235-261). HR personnel’s have a very distinctive job task when it comes to all

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