What Is Home Schooling? Essay

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What is home schooling? Home schooling is defined as a child being taught material at home by their parents or other shared services. The parent is responsible for their child’s education and resources. Parents have various options when making important decisions regarding their child’s education. What parents require in order to make a crucial educational decision would be the facts about the options they have. Many people oppose of home schooling and hold on to the belief that home schooled children are socially awkward and deprived. Home schooling and regular public schooling each possess advantages and disadvantages. One may offer a more controlled environment for your child, while the other may expose him or her to a world of security and new ideas. In other words, research shows that home schooled children are actually better at socialization, more likely to be civically engaged, have fewer behavior problems and lastly have higher achievement and mastery levels.
There are distinct differences between children who are home schooled versus children who are taught in the public school setting. This essay will expose if there are noticeable differences in the educational outcome of children who are educated in a traditional public school setting versus children who are being home schooled. The outcomes that will be reviewed will include standardized test results, social skills and educational attainment. The conclusion of receiving both information leads to the question…

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