What Is Herzberg's Hygiene And Motivator Factor?

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Register to read the introduction… Motivational techniques can be either non-financial such as promotions and better working conditions or financial such as increase in wages and salaries. I can rely on the Herzberg’s hygiene and motivators factor as a motivation technique to make improvements in the quality of performance through improving on the hygiene factors and providing motivators in the working environment as the culture of the company. According to Herzberg, hygiene factors are the ones that are referred to ‘dissatisfiers’ and are the aspects that are found in the working environment that can lead to making employees unhappy. The organization can use this aspect of motivation according to Herzberg through identification of some of these factors, which lead to employees being unhappy and eliminating them through theprovision of counter methods of motivation (Dzimbiri 2009).
However, for an organization to be able to do this it will be vital for the company to engage all employees and members of management to identify these factors or process that make them unhappy. By aiming to reduce these hygiene factors, the company will be moving towards an employee motivated environment upon implementation of the other Herzberg motivators factor
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A company can communicate externally to potential customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the press also to investors. On the other hand is the sharing of information from an employee to another within the premises of the organization. Three communication tools can be used appropriately for both the external and internal communication in a hospitality industry for emergency events, and they include mobile phones, E-mail as well as social networking sites (Krizan

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