Essay about What Is Health Promotion?

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What is health promotion?
Health promotion is a process that has been applied to a wide range of approaches to improving health of people, communities and populations of enabling people to increase control over, their health. Health promotion makes it possible for people to increase control on their health and start to improve their health by health promotion.
What is its purpose?
The purpose of health promotion is to advise people about thinking on how to live healthy. Health promotion should be in health related challenges and issues. An example of an issue that can be targeted by healthy promotion is the incidence obesity problems from this such as cost of NHS of treatment and conditions from increase in obesity related deaths.
Aims for health promotion
The aim for health promotion is to help an individual of complete physical and social well-being this can cause a change in environment and identify aspirations.
-Raise health awareness of: To raise awareness using campaigns of dangers of high blood pressure and how to keep the blood pressure down
-Encourage safety and reduce accidents: TV campaign might show a child being hit by car travelling at 40 mph to demonstrate that even speeds quite slow still kill. The aim of this would be to encourage people to drive more slowly and reduce the incidence of such accidents.
-Reduce number of people smoking: Health promotion raises awareness of dangers of people smoking and how people can access help to stop smoking and provide…

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