What Is Haptic Communication Which Is About Touch, And Reading The Other Person

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“Nonverbal communication captures more feelings of a conversation then actual words"(Seiler, Beall, Mazer 2005, p. 115). It has so many different meanings, from looking, touching, and moving with your body. Body language Is what some people capture from having a certain conversation. Too be honest, I wouldn’t trust any word from someone without body language. Touch is also important, and what I think is the most important. Trying to get someone to read you through your touch. Some people might consider that to be a little extra. I will analyze Haptic communication which is about touch, and reading the other person.

“Haptic can be described a tactical communication, which is one of the most basic forms of communication."(Seiler, et al 2005, p. 124). Imagine if we are having a conversation, and I touch you. What would you do? Some people get specific information from people through touch. Sometimes this type of communication can get confused, if the receiver is not understanding. Some people use touch to reach another level of oneness between each other.
There are five categories of touch. The first one is Functional or professional. According to Communication Making Connections (2013), the definition is Unsympathetic impersonal, cold, or business like touch. This is really important to comprehend because it has to do with employment. How would you shake your Employer’s hand in an interview? The next category is social and polite. This has to do with culture, and getting an…

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