What Is Graduation Essay

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Graduation is a day every teenage student looks forward to. Being able to walk across that stage and finally understand the purpose of having to wake up at seven in the morning the last twelve years of your life. Not only are you making your parents proud, but achieving one of your major milestone accomplishments thus far in your eighteen years. Soon after that you 'll be on your way out of your parents’ house and moving on to that next big chapter in the book of life called college. But most teens don 't think about or just want to forget what all they went through to get finally to that big day. Since I have graduated high school with honors, I consider myself a good person to go to, knowing exactly what to do to graduate high school and make it to college. When you walk into high school on your first day of your senior year, you should already know that every other kid in the grades under you wish they were in your shoes. It 's not because you’re older or get to stay out longer on weekdays . Mainly it is because you 're only a few months shy of being able to finally get out of that small town or city you’re from, and never having to look back again. It doesn 't take a lot to build up to that big day, which is graduation. But you have first to knock out those few credits that’s in the way of …show more content…
These people who you make connects with can help you not only while being in school but also when you graduate. Those recommendations will help in the long run so why not start out being nice to them early on so they will know exactly who you are, and not have a second thought of that much needed recommendation letter. The principle is the most important person to make connect. He or she will be able to help you not only with those recommendations letters, but also because they have connections with some pretty high up

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