Essay What Is Going On The World And How Bad Things Are Happening

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In this passage you will learn what is going on in the world and how bad things are happening .also how we can put a stop to it. Make a better environment so we all can feel safe. Even more so will learn that if people followed the rules they would not be sitting in jail. As well as if they didn’t do illegal acts they would not be in the predicament. That said, if people made better decisions they wouldn’t get in trouble. Not only, but also if they respect the laws, not to mention the people around them crimes wouldn’t be committed. Also, you will learn how maybe not talking or having a comeback might keep you out of trouble. On another level, we will talk about a meager topic that’s about things considered we can’t just change then world we have to change our self’s to. Now further dew let’s get started. Firstly, three ways our country would be better is if people made better decisions to follow the laws people wouldn’t get in trouble. They wouldn’t have such a hard time if they just do what they are told because, once you go to jail you get a record and after that record, it’s hard for you to find a job or get hired because that record follows you everywhere so what do you do if you can’t find a job at McDonald’s ? You start to steal or sale drugs or do illegal acts. Also, people really need to follow the driving laws so I’m going to tell you why because if you don’t follow the driving laws you will get pulled over by the police if you’re lucky or worse,…

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