ACLU: The Importance Of Being A Woman

Let’s play house. A little girl is in a floral dress with her little apron as she pretends to cook dinner for her family. She has a little baby doll that she cradles in her arms as she finishes up the dinner and gets ready to start the laundry. A little boy comes in acting as if he had a long day of work asking her if dinner was ready and if his cloths were ready. When you were younger the girls were told to play with dolls and Barbie’s. Our parents brought us little kitchen and told us the importance of being a lady. We had to sit with our legs crossed and wear certain clothing’s that met societies standard of being a girl. As for the boys, they were different. They were told to play with footballs and had plastic versions of tools. They were …show more content…
ACLU is an organization that serves to protect women rights. They explain how even though there has been a lot of progress women are still being discriminated in America especially at the work place. They get sexually discriminated and sometimes are being pushed out of offices because they are pregnant mothers or being treated differently just because they are women. They even deal with what is still a controversial topic about how there is still and wage gap and women are not getting paid as much as men are. ACLU also explains how women and girls are being treated differently in schools (Wilson, n.d). Despite the Title IX that is suppose help these problems, it only works to an extent. They explain how some schools are sex-segregating education programs because they feel as boys’ and girls’ brains learn in different ways. They also explain how some schools are not providing the materials necessary for girls to finish off school especially if they face the challenges of becomes a new parent forcing the girls to drop out. Lower women and girl’s percentages of striving to their full

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