What Is Foucault 's Theory Of The Modern Society Of Surveillance, And His Predictions Could Not Be More Accurate

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Michael Foucault believes that modern society is a society of surveillance, and his predictions could not be more accurate. Through the intention of producing something as lighthearted as entertainment, we have relied on the panoptic order to secure this gaze. This essay will use Foucault’s theory of the ‘panoptic’ order to discuss the ways the, ‘Funniest Security Camera Moments of All Time’ from America’s Funniest Home Videos uses found footage comedies to define our modern day visual culture. Through the opportunity of profit, loss of individualization and disengagement of freedom, we as a visual culture have sacrificed these components of our everyday for a few laughs. Ultimately, due to the panoptic order in entertainment, our desire for visual culture is defined.
Much like Foucault’s theory, the panoptic order of America’s Funniest Home Videos becomes a profitable opportunity for corporations, despite its initial purpose of surveillance. Cohesively, the function of the entertainment is centrally focused around its powerful intention to induce profit, akin to the theory of Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon. As Foucault elucidates, “it assures its economy (in material, in personnel, in time); it assures its efficacy by its preventative character, its continuous functioning and its automatic mechanisms” (Foucault, 6). The notion of CTV cameras continuously documenting footage allows for America’s Funniest Home Videos to generate profit with minimal effort. Due to the continuous…

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