What Is Fat Tire Marketing Mix

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Advance 4: Ch. 17, 2, 18, 20
(Direct, Online, Co. Strategy, Competitive Advantage, Sustainability, Ethics)

Fat Tire has many routes available for marketing purposes, and as a brand, the dominate avenue that is utilized for marketing is the integrated use of internet resources. They are primarily seen through social media accounts and their branded community website.
Their online website presents brand content that engages consumers and creates a community around the Fat Tire beer. There is a range of tabs that can be clicked to learn about the beer, brewery, sustainability, events, Grand Cru Shop, and Subscribe. Fat Tire is featured on the home page and the audience is invited to get involved across the country for the annual Tour De Fat.
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It’s faster, smarter, easier to use and, most importantly, totally ready to help you quickly learn about and find your favorite New Belgium beers, events and exclusive goodies. The beer menu is faster than ever, and so is finding beer nearby and getting directions for that critical beer run. We added a Feed to keep you up to speed on new releases, exclusive content about new beers, events like Tour de Fat and Clips Beer and Film, and promotions with rad prizes. Log in (Grand Cru membership) is simpler, and you can now edit your account and set and change your favorite beers and styles in the …show more content…
It was this model that earned the B Corps Certification. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. On the B Corp Website, the company’s information is available to the public. The list ranges from the non-use of genetically modified organisms, to the concern for animal welfare, diversity and equal opportunity, employee safety and work place conditions, environmental issues, product safety and many others. They are the market leaders in sustainable energy use in America. New Belgium Brewing became the country’s first brewery to purchase 100% of its electricity from wind power in 1999. Because of the commitment that New Belgium made to the environment it allowed Fort Collins Utilities to become Colorado’s first electric utility to offer wind power, creating a positive change ripple effect beyond just their company. These efforts are what will help with the continuum of sustainability in production for the

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