What Is Fascism? Essay example

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What is fascism?
Fascism is a hard ideology to define because nearly every modern government or political movement has been called ‘fascist’ by somebody. (The writer has directly addressed the essay question in the topic sentence of the first paragraph, noting how it can be identified as being ambiguous, and how it is difficult to define.)
I contend that fascism was a political movement unique to the early 20th century, especially in Europe, because its worldview was shaped by events and philosophical ideas from the late 19th century until the interwar period. (Evidence that the writer has considered the words meaning in terms of context and knowledge of what periods of time are referred as)

Some people have called states like
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These ideas were adopted by many young people, especially, young, middle-class socialists, (classifying people, in a way only possible after being taught the course) because they wanted to rebel against what they perceived as pointless and archaic bourgeois morality and conformity. (strikes as a refined and intelligent sentence, hitting the mark expected after learning from a course) This is why in the 1930s, fascism looked like it might actually take over Europe: (a date, and ‘take over Europe’, could in my view possibly be a subtle hint at propaganda, which is another term and concept) it successfully harnessed people’s dissatisfaction with modern society and directed it into political channels. (semicolon, ‘as it’, adding to the theme of social consciousness of people in the past)
Fascists (first word, third paragraph, involves classifying people by the word) were influenced by philosophers like Gustav Le Bon who wrote about the need for a strong leading figure to lead the masses against social ills (inclusion and synthesis of writers of the time). He believed that people were fundamentally irrational, and should embrace their irrationality. (A good quote, as it can be used to place and construct the ideas of the German people, possibly? I’m looking at snippets, here now but need to look at the overall picture once I get to the end.

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