What Is Fape And Lre? Essay

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What is FAPE and LRE? How do these concepts relate to the IEP?

FAPE stands for a free and appropriate public education for children with disabilities as stated by the federal government. Children with disabilities who are found eligible for additional educational services must be provided with special instruction, support, and services at no extra cost to the parents. These services should meet the needs of the student and help them further their academic career. These services should also help students prepare for further education, employment, and independent living. LRE stands for the least restrictive environment. This means that students found with a disability and who are expected to receive unique instructions and services should also be able to learn with their non-disabled peers and participate in regular classes unless that is not possible. These concepts are related to the IEP because these services and support are provided by a written plan known as the Individualized educational plan. This is the plan that allows students to receive the services that meet their unique needs while allowing them to participate in regular classes with their non-disabled peers at the maximum extent that is appropriate with meeting their individual needs.

2. Who are the required members of the IEP team? What is the role of each member?
The purpose of an IEP team is to establish an educational plan that meets the unique needs of a student. There are many members throughout the IEP…

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