What Is Family And What Makes Up A Family? Essay

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What is a family and what makes up a family? As a child you don’t examine the depth of family, you just participate in it, by knowing your role: father, mother, aunt, son, daughter, sister, etc. You might even consider your childhood friend as your cousin or sister/brother. Family is a deep connection of unity, resiliency, love, and support. Like in most relationships, there will be obstacles which only makes the connection stronger even in weakness. The family is our foundation to this country and without it, it will drastically decline. Our strength comes from the values taught by our family first and society second. It teaches us communication, determination, empathy, loyalty, commitment, and how to be productive. The family is our first experience in life. When I was a child, a single-parent home was normal to me because the community I lived in was made up of broken families. However, there were a few families that had both parents residing in the same household. I lived with my mother majority of my childhood and I would visit my father on the weekends. I never really, realize the concept of gender roles and how it was constructively created by society until I started studying Sociology. When I was young, I would treat my mother differently than my father. I showed him more respect even though I didn’t see him every day and he didn’t help me with my every day needs. As stated before, I did not realize my own actions were not really my own. My mother did not work and…

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