What Is Faith? Written By Jim Haeffele Essay

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What is Faith? Just like religion, it is difficult to understand the correct meaning of faith. According to the article, "What is Faith" written by Jim Haeffele, faith is defined as having trust, assurance and confidence in a higher being. It is publicly displayed through service and obedience. However, its importance is based on a powerful human reality which is usually misunderstood. This misunderstanding because people talk about faith daily but they fail to understand its importance in the lives of many. Nevertheless, Terrance W. Tilley 's reading, "Faith: What is it and What is isn 't", highlights the misunderstood concepts of faith and use these misunderstandings to define faith. During the course of this paper the term faith will be defined, the misunderstood concepts will be discussed and personal views and comments about faith will be presented.
Within the introductory portion of Tilley 's readings, David Foster Wallace illustrates the concept of faith by using an old story of two young fish who were swimming pass an older fish. The older fish greeted the younger fish and asked "How was the water?" But one responded by asking, "what the hell is water?". Wallace used this old story to portray the connection between our daily lives and faith. Many individuals carry out their lives under the assumption that their life has no purpose but faith is that purpose. It is the substance that shapes our mind, actions relationships and hearts. Faith is the essence which…

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