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Eportfolio Reflection Callasandra Harrington-Small
May 27th , 2017

While completing an online module, as well as an in person SALS workshop I learned many things. I was unaware of the many helpful hints that the study strategies module had, as well as how APA Citation is something you will never memorize. Both these workshops are both valuable and informative for a new and coming PN student eager to understand and have as much knowledge possible throughout the duration of the two years I have in store.

Firstly, the online Study Strategies module had many different topics to read and take note of. Some of which include study behaviors, common problems, and distractions, procrastination, as well as do`s and don'ts, and lastly
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Leslie had taught a 50-minute workshop informing myself and other students a quick guide to practicing and using APA Citations. Throughout the workshop, I had learned a few things, specifically what I found most useful was what formatting of APA Citation you would use for certain sources, possibly a website, journal, article, image, or video. When writing an essay, the nutrition essay all PN`s will be in the next couple of weeks, knowing how to properly cite different sources will become extremely useful. While evaluating this workshop, two things I found incredibly important was the background knowledge of understanding why referencing is important and necessary while directly relating to the possibility of encountering plagiarism. Plagiarism is something that can be easily avoided, although often can be missed and occur accidentally. Understanding the purpose and what to look for, decreases anyone's risk for plagiarism and that is beneficial to any PN student. Another important evaluation I had realized about this workshop, was that APA in no way is worth memorizing and should be memorized. APA is incredibly in depth with multiple rules that are unnecessary to remember. Although it may become useful to have a base knowledge, you have many guides, tutorials, examples and self-helping sites that can do it for you. All you need to truly remember or look up is what APA citation is …show more content…
Learning this new information will better prepare me mentally to understand what is good studying and what is bad. The workshop will defiantly give me an easier time while writing the many papers that will be completed throughout this program. Having a better understanding of APA Citation will ensure I can get full if not most marks on the marking aspect of submitted papers. Both the module and workshop are a useful aspect and tool I can continue to use through this program and within my

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