What Is Environmental Pollution Essay

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People of the world has a major problem at hand. They are decimating our planet Earth. Human activity is killing planet Earth.Environmental pollution is very bad for Earth. Air pollution, Water pollution, and Soil pollution are the three types of Environmental Pollution. Reporter Barry Commoner Once said, “ Environmental pollution is an incurable disease.” Barry continues, “ It can only be prevented.” (Commoner “Environmental Pollution.”) Environmental pollution can affect every living creature on the face of the Earth. According to reporter Rinkesh, “ The air quality, water quality, and the land are getting destroyed.” (Rinkesh “Environmental Pollution”) We need to stop destroying our beautiful ecosystem.
To start with, air pollution is the first major problem. People across the world are unaware of the damage being done to the world. What is air pollution? Air pollution is when the air gets contaminated. There are five major causes of air pollution. The worst of them all is the burning of fossil fuels. Coal and Petroleum are
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What is Soil pollution. According to Rinkesh, “ Soil pollution is when man made waste are absorbed by the soil.” (Rinkesh “Environmental Pollution”) Natural waste that are absorbed by the soil is perfectly fine. Other natural waste include decaying animals, dead plants, and rotten fruits and vegetables will add the fertility to the soil. Causes of Soil pollutants include industrial waste will linger in the soil for a very long time. Which will lead making the soil infertile. Also, moderne chemicals for pesticides and fertilizers slowly destroys the soils fertility. Which will make the soil unusable to grow food. Soil pollution will effect humans drastically. If all the soil on the earth becomes contaminated, how are we going to grow food? If we eat these contaminated fruits and vegetables our health is at risk. (Rinkesh “Environmental

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