What Is Emotional Intelligence? Essay

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What is emotional intelligence? As defined it is “the ability to express emotion accurately, as well as the ability to understand emotion and emotional knowledge along with the ability to access and to generate feelings when they facilitate emotions in ways that insist thought”. However this is only part of the story ones emotional intelligence also allows them to adjust to and handle stress, anxiety, etc. One emotional intelligence directly relates to how one deals with these internal and external factors of emotion and how one reacts to them depends on their maturity level with individual learning to control these factors better as they grow older. This level of one’s emotional intelligence can directly effects ones physical health, relationships with others and overall job or school performance. As a way of measuring and monitoring ones control of this EI there are eight defining characteristics 1) they know and understand their feelings and are able to recognize it as the feeling occurs 2) they manage their feelings and emotions in appropriate ways 3) They are able to motivate themselves 4) they persist in the face of frustrations 5) they can control their impulses and delay gratification 6) they are able to empathize with others 7) they have the capacity to hope and 8) they have social competencies which means knowing how to handle relationships with other people. These 8 traits are used to determine how emotionally mature we are as individuals. Along with these…

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