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what is an effective instructionWhat is Effective Instruction?

The most important factor influencing students’ learning, especially for students who struggle to learn academically skills, is an effective teacher. According to Sanders (1996), research shows that students who are assigned with the most effective teachers in three years score as many 50 percentile points higher on achievement compared to students who are assigned to the least effective teachers (Sanders & Rivers, 1996).
During years research has documented many of the effective practices for students that struggle in academic skills; reading, writing, and math. In few words all these practices are called Effective Instruction. The base of Effective Instruction is a
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For example, Freeman states that according to research, students with low-skills ability are grouped together “for much or all of the school day” they do not benefit academically (Freeman & Alkin, 2000, p.?).
Some of the factors for this lack of effectiveness are:
1. Fewer students assume leadership roles
2. More students engage in disruptive behavior
3. Assignment to lower tends to be long term
4. Contact between students across different skill is limited
5. The quality of instruction in these groups tends to be poor

Mixed- Ability grouping is based on the use of small groups of students who work in cooperative groups to learn academic content. Students work together to learn and ensure others lean as well.
This strategy has to follow these characteristics for student grouping:
1. Number, size, composition
2. Periodically create, modify, and disband groups
3. Vary on size, from 2 – 10 depending on the purpose
4. Scheduling and instruction should be flexible
5. Explicit strategy for closely supervision

C. Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is effective when done by a teacher who is highly skilled and can provide instruction and engage in flexible decisions. The most used of these techniques is reading recovery. Research shows that individualized tutoring is the optimal method for meeting the needs of students struggling academically (D’Agostino & Murphy, 2004).

D. Peer Tutoring

This strategy is the most effective approach

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