What Is Effective Communication Within Interdisciplinary Teams

1439 Words Nov 10th, 2014 6 Pages
My overarching learning goal for this semester was to enhance my knowledge and understanding about interdisciplinary communication strategies as well as incorporating the learned knowledge into my clinical practice by November 24, 2014. I have divided this goal into two sub-goals focusing on verbal and non-verbal communication. Each sub-goal consists of four activities that were defined to enhance my learning process and to assist me in achieving the learning goal. This paper will discuss and reflect my learning process as well as evaluate the outcomes produced by each activity outlined under the sub-goals. My first sub-goal was to gain knowledge and expertise in the area of effective verbal communication skills that can be used within the interdisciplinary team to enhance patient care. The first activity I have stated was to read, highlight and summarize a scholarly literature on the importance of interdisciplinary communication. I completed this activity by reading the article to gain a better understanding of the significance of effective communication within interdisciplinary teams. After reading the article I highlighted the main points from the literature and completed a summary of the article. This has helped me to identify the key facts within the article and I found that by taking notes and completing a summary, I was able to better comprehend and absorb the information presented by the article. One literature discussed the fact that note taking involves the…

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