What Is Early Childhood Education Essay

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Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education is good because of all the young students (Lisa Spezia). The salary is not too bad for teachers. Teaching impacts young children’s lives and without them, children would have a hard time learning. Even though teachers do not get paid a lot of money their jobs are very important to children’s lives. Many of the things children learn or experience in kindergarten stay with them for a long time.
The college requirements for a kindergarten teacher are at least four years of college with a bachelor’s degree. Some schools require a degree in early childhood education or child development (Rossier Online). Other schools require an associate’s degree (Rossier Online). After the degree has been received,
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To be a kindergarten teacher there are some ways to help children by being in their shoes and thinking outside of the mature perspective of the thought process (Rossier Online). The kindergarten years are the most critical because that’s when the brain develops the fastest (Rossier Online). Kindergarten has a main focusing point on cognitive and social development by stimulating a child’s curiosity and imagination (Rossier Online). The role of the teacher is to provide development of independence, compassion, trust, creativity, self control, perseverance, and resilience to the students (Early Childhood Education). By kindergarten children start to understand rules and the ways of doing things that keep them safe (Early Childhood Education). In kindergarten children use problem solving, brainstorming, and evaluating decisions are skills that children use to evaluate what went wrong with a project (Early Childhood Education). When they go to kindergarten the children are being taught through playing by being able to interact with others and learn about themselves (USC Rossier Online). In kindergarten they learn how to count and start to add and subtract (USC Rossier Online). They learn colors to make others, they learn the alphabet and how to spell, write, and how to write sentences (USC Rossier Online). During the kindergarten years children learn how to share, take turns, and …show more content…
Everyday in kindergarten class they have worktime, reading, math, center time (playing), lunch, recess, music, physical education, and some days library (Lisa Spezia). During the day kindergarten students get exhausted so they need a nap time (USC Rossier Online). They also need a snack time so that they can learn table manners (USC Rossier Online). The room should be brightly decorated with posters of the alphabet, numbers, maps, and the students art work (USC Rossier Online). The worst part of the job is bathroom time and sharpening pencils (Lisa Spezia). The best part of teaching kindergarten kids would have to be the kids themselves and the age (Lisa

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