What Is Digital Forensics and What Role Does It Play in Modern Society?

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What is digital forensics and
What role does it play in modern society?

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The general public have a vague understanding of what digital forensic is; thanks to shows like CSI and NCIS people have an idea of the kind of work done in digital forensics. A general definition of
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The growth at which criminals are using computer and digital device has brought about an increase in the need of digital forensics experts. Digital forensics can provide evidence of motivation, a chronology of events and links among multiple offenders. Nearly every type of investigation, criminal or civil, has the potential to benefit from digital forensics; this in turn has guaranteed digital forensic a primary spot in almost any court case. With the need to have a digital forensics expect of hand the profession has the opportunity to grow to keep up with the demands of law enforcement agencies and to gain knowledge in order to catch criminals. Digital forensics has a direct link with technology; as technology grows and expands so must digital forensics. Law enforcement agencies are facing challenges when dealing with computer and digital devices. They must find a way to examine an increasing number of digital devices, each containing an immense volume of data, in a timely manner and with limited resources. Tablets, GPS devices, in car computers, and smart phones are just a few of the digital devices that can yield relevant information during investigations; device that must be examined and analyzed. Each device contains an enormous amount of useful

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