Essay on What Is Customer Privacy?

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Customer Privacy is a process of protecting and handling of sensitive personal information’s that individuals release in the course of doing their everyday business. This information’s can be gathered and exchanged with the use of telephone, online and even direct one on one with a company representative.
But since the evolution of internet and other social electronic device of mass communication, I can boldly tell you that consumer privacy has become a very sensitive and major issue in our community. Personal information in the hands of a wrong person can do so much harm ranging from financial fraud, identity theft and other serious money and criminal crime that could cost an organization, government and people billions if not tackled and protected adequately.

Why CIOs of Multinational companies should be more concerned and not show negligence in making sure that customer privacy is treated with the uttermost importance because this could leave them to lose not only customer loyalty but cripple their organization and make them run into loss whereby such organization can close down. In recent the issue of customer privacy has been gaining lots of controversy whereby consumer are demanding action to protect their privacy online according to a research done by ComRes in nine countries in which more than 10,000 people were asked questions about Customer Privacy at least 75% responded that they are concerned about their…

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