What Is Compstat And Intelligence Led Policing? Essay

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What is CompStat and Intelligence Led Policing? Intelligence led policing relies on a process of information gathering and data analysis that results in the development of actionable criminal intelligence (“Intelligence Led Policing”, 2014). It additionally includes strategies that join the best practices of community policing with law enforcement intelligence. This expands on the use of data and information to solve issues involving crime, homeland security, and quality of life. CompStat (short for computer comparison statistics) is an organizational management tool for departments to analyze crime (Godown, 2009). It isn’t a speedy answer to remedy crime. It assists targeted and timely analysis of crime and disorder data, which is applied to recognize crime patterns and issues. Based on that analysis, reactions are executed through speedy implementation of assets and personnel. The intelligence led policing concept, which commenced in the United Kingdom, has its groundwork in recognizing that police were investing an excess of time responding to crime and too little time targeting offenders (Wells, n.d.). There was a heightened use of intelligence, surveillance and informants to target recidivist offenders so police could be more successful in battling crime as opposed to reacting to it (“Intelligence Led Policing”, 2014). Intelligence led policing increased in the 1970’s, the point at which the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and…

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