What Is Cancer Essay

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Cancer has existed since the beginning of human existence. The earliest confirmation of cancer was found in the bones of ancient Egyptian mummies around 3000 B.C. At that time, it was not referenced by the name cancer. The first known cases consisted of tumors and ulcers of the breast. Ancestry of the word cancer is credited to the Father of Medicine, Greek physician, Hippocrates. He used the terms carcinos and carcinoma.
What is cancer? How does it start? Cancer is the familiar name for more than 100 diseases. The type of cancer one has depend on its origination in the body. Cancer begins to form when cells in the body begin to grow uncontrollably. The cells continue to grow. Abnormal cells are formed. Unlike normal cells that grow, divide,
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The most important factor anyone can adhere to is early detection. Finding out if someone has cancer at an early stage could mean the difference between life and death, therefore, regular physician exams are crucial. Various cancers perform differently. The rate of growth differs depending on the type cancer and the response is not the same. Cancer does not discriminate and can affect any age, gender or race. Nearly half of all men and one-third of women in the United States will develop cancer. More than one million people in the United States get cancer each …show more content…
Cancer has plagued this world since the beginning of human life and no cure is available. Although there is no cure for cancer, the American Cancer Society has spent billions of dollars on research. In 2013 alone, $4.8 million was funded to support research. Six years prior, funding averaged $4.9 billion. Until there is a cure, experimentations will progress. Despite the fact that is an enormous about of money, that amount does not compare to the amount of money that is spent each year on cancer medications. In 2014, the amount increased by more than ten percent to $100

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