What Is Bullying In The Workplace Essay

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Bullying in the workplace

Kenneth Cunningham

Professor Hudson

Wharton County Junior College


Bullying is slowly becoming a major problem in the workplace. This paper will look into why bullying in the workplace is becoming a problem, the different types of workplace bullying and from the point of view of the bully, the victim and the co-workers who have to work around the bullying. The articles may define bullying differently or my not agree on who the bullies and the targets are, but the result and consequences of bullying are the same. The paper will inform the readers of what kind of people bully and how to identify
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Bullying among adults seems to be common in our American society and ought to be considered a major social problem (Misawa, & Rowland, 2014). Therefore, workplace bullying is becoming more of an unknown problem. Bullying can cause great problems not only for an individual but also for a company. There are several different situations that bullying is used and several different types, but direct and indirect bullying are the most common types of kinds of bullying (Leigh, Robyn, Madelyn, & Jenni, 2014). Examples of direct bullying are verbal abuse, threatening behavior and intimidation (Leigh et al., 2014). Direct bullying is a major problem, especially in the workplace. Bullying can also play a major role in generating stress in a workplace environment (Kumar G., Jain, Kumar B., 2012). Along with stress comes tension, and tension between two workers can lead to multiple problems. Indirect bullying is the next main type of general bullying. Indirect bullying refers to bullying that effects people on an emotional level, and it consists of gossiping and the spreading of rumors (Leigh et al., 2014). Workplace bullying can be described as direct or indirect, depending on the type of work that is being done. Bullying in the workplace has a major affect on three main people; the bully, the victim, and the …show more content…
More than 33 percent of American workforce has witnessed bullying in their workplace (Misawa, & Rowland, 2014). Witnessing bullying in the workplace can be awkward for a co-worker, as they don’t know how to react or if they should turn the bully in. When employers hear about bullying within their company, almost half never do anything about it Sanders-rivers, 2015). This is alarming because when the victim goes to their boss to address their problem, the boss should always make sure the bullying ends. Sanders-rivers (2015) also states that when co-workers and management learn about bullying in their workplace, eighteen percent make matters worse by antagonizing the victims who are trying to seek help. Co-workers and management should never deny the victims of help because if this problem comes up it is real; no one is going to fake

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