What Is Bulimia Nervosa?

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Bulimia Nervosa is a serious eating disorder which involves the binging of food and rapid ejection of the food. This issue needs to be investigated due to the serious health issues which can result from long term bulimia which is left untreated. If the seriousness of bulimia isn’t brought to the attention of society, young people will not be educated on these negative health effects of this mental disorder. Bulimia Nervosa is an often unidentifiable mental disorder which usually targets young people. It is defined to be a disorder which involves a distorted body image, resulting in the want to lose weight. This is usually achieved through forced expulsion of the food, whether through the use of laxatives, an excessive amount of exercise, or …show more content…
The media is known to distort pictures – especially, but not exclusively, pictures of women. They alter the images to make them more ‘aesthetically pleasing’, which includes ridding the woman of their natural features, smoothing out the lines and trimming down the waists, making them biologically impossible, yet what young people aspire to become. This aspiration makes the young people begin to be dissatisfied with their bodies, which is a major step towards eating disorders, as it stated in nationaleatingdisorder.org, “The effect of media on women’s body dissatisfaction, thin ideal internalization, and disordered eating appears to be stronger among young adults than children and adolescents.” An excellent way to reduce eating disorders is to stop disfiguring the bodies of people in media and portraying people as they naturally …show more content…
This is one subject in which males and females need to be taught slightly differently. Schools say that any body shape is okay - but–they don’t go into specifics. For females, it is impossible to have a completely flat stomach and still be healthy, because there’s a pouch near the abdomen which protects vital organs from harm. After asking many females, none of them knew about this. Females, to prevent bulimia, need to be taught about their bodies specifically, not just body image in general, so that they understand that their bodies are natural, and don’t need to be

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