What Is Brave New World Persuasive Essay

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Nothing is ever as it seems and nothing in life can be given to you. As human beings we must seek our own happiness, and even in this attempt, we can never truly be completely happy. Every part of life is a wild ocean of experiences. Sometimes the water is a calm pallid blue, the glassy surface helping you to achieve whatever you wish. Other days it is a violent stormy green, threatening to destroy your ship. Everything is a balance that must go up and down, for pain is necessary to move on and be happy. Pain is also inevitable, it can come from many things and is hard to eliminate. It is humanly impossible to achieve complete happiness while having both basic human instinct and emotion. A human can have either knowledge or bliss but the attempt to have both is void. This …show more content…
In order for this to be achieved the government relies on ignorance. This ignorance conditioned into the society eliminates basic human emotion and knowledge of all things that could cause pain among the people. In doing this, reducing people to a child-like state, they are able to take utter control and induce the illusion of complete happiness. Only when pain is eliminated happiness can prosper, Huxley shows this by eliminating the most basic human pains of free will, love, and religion. Brave New World contains the basic debate on whether or not it is right to be blinded from basic human emotion to maintain happiness, or to know and experience pain in all of it’s forms.

The debate of whether free will is a positive or negative thing is a very common motif in literature. In eliminating a humans free will you gain control of their emotions. The society in Brave New World functions on this ignorance, in order to be happy, one cannot know or think for themselves. The ability to think is the ability to feel pain, to question the government and by doing so questioning your existence. The

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