What Is Body Image And Eating Disorders? Essay

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What is sociological imagination? From C.Wright Mills Sociological imagination is the realization that personal troubles are rooted from public issues. The distinction between personal and public issues is that a personal problem refers to problems that individuals blame on themselves due to own failings. While public issues are social problems that affect several individuals.
A topic that caught my attention because I can relate to it is body image and how it goes in hand with eating disorders. What is body image and eating disorders? Denotatively, body image is the subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body. An eating disorder is any range of psychological disorder characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits. Body image and eating disorder go in hand because social media has portrayed women throughout the year to be a “Barbie doll” image. In turn this arises great desire for women to want to be thin and measure up American media standards of what women should look like. Social media pressure on women to have slender bodies has become an obsession and desire that has led women and girls to serious consequences such as eating disorders and negative body image. I believe that the exposure that individuals have to social media standards of beauty and physical perfection change and become increasingly unattainable. Media intensifies people to be displeased with their body image, which can resort to extreme measures such as eating disorders because people…

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