What Is Big Nate Essay

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When I read a good movie the first thing that I do is go on google and search up the movie. Most of the times when I see there is no movie freak out. Big Nate is a movie for kids that is a really fun movie for kid. It tells about the struggles of being a middle schooler. Big nate has lots of problem even when he doesn’t do anything wrong.Big nate by Lincoln Peirce should be made into a movie because the character are relatable, It should be made into a movie since it is a funny comedy,It is a good book for kids to read. It is good book for kids to read it is fun and will make kids want to read. In the text is states,” Glenn usually has enough crumbs stuck on him to feed a family of four”. This is the part of one of his books where he talks about his messy friend.”That’s the ugliest baby i’ve ever seen” this is Big nate talking about the babies on the wall with the whole school as a baby.
This is why big nate is fun for kids to read.`

Most people loves Funny comedy movies and a lot of people love watching them. In one of his books it states,” I don’t know the answer.And she can tell I don’t know it.” This is a funny quote that was about when the teacher choose him to answer the question and he wasn’t paying attention.”Mrs. Godfrey steps away from the chalkboard and starts towards me.” This is part of a dream he had when he was put in a
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“ Nate you have to clean out your locker.” This is a part of the book where Nate has to clean his locker but it is the messiest locker ever. It relates to most kids because some of them keep their locker dirty. Most people think that Big Nate shouldn’t be made into a movie since there are so many types of stories and movies already like this one. But big Nate is the one of the best books I read and I think it should be made into a movie because of it's funny comedy for kids to watch and have a good

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