The Legalization Of Assisted Suicide

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Life sucks sometimes, and there is not much us humans can do about it. However, living is what we try to do, right? A rising question for sick patients in some places is whether to take place in an assisted suicide or not. Assisted suicide is when a patient agrees to allow the physician injects a great amount of drugs, or other deadly substances, killing the patient. This, although only legal in seven states in the United States (Oregon, Washington, Vermont, New Mexico, Montana, California, and Colorado), is a rising topic in America. Assisted suicide is usually wanted by terminally ill who do not want to go through any suffering; this is also called “death with dignity.” If I become a physician, I do not believe that I would be able to assist …show more content…
Gary strongly believes that assisted suicide should be legal. Gary says, “In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson explicitly states that all humans are entitled to… the pursuit of happiness” (Interview). I went on to ask him if there was any personal things, such as experience, religion, etc…, that influenced his point, and he said, “I just go by what history and laws states. When death becomes the sole act that would grant someone happiness, it becomes contradictory of the Declaration of Independence to deprive anyone of that happiness. Also, illegalizing it would violate the Eighth Amendment because it would constitute as cruel and unusual punishment to force a person to perpetually endure the excruciating pain that their life brings” (Interview). Seeing Gary’s points actually opened my eyes; it made me second-guess my decision, asking myself “is it actually that bad of a thing?” I also asked Gary if the family of the patient would be better if an assisted suicide took place. Gary responded with, “I think that the longer the process of death drags out, the longer it will take for the healing process to begin for the family members. With a quick and painless death, the family of the patient could commence their mourning process in a more timely fashion” (Interview). Gary made me seriously consider agreeing with his points; however, I think I need some more

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