Essay about What Is Aquaculture? The Farming Of Fish?

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What is Aquaculture?

The definition of aquaculture is simply the farming of fish, plants and shellfish as well as many more aquatic organisms. Aquaculture refers to the cultivation of freshwater and marine species, and includes land based and opens ocean production. Aquaculture can be compared with commercial fishing, aquaculture involves cultivating of fresh and saltwater populations under controlled conditions, while commercial fishing is the harvesting of wild aquatic creatures and can be seen more as a form of “hunting and gathering”.

Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) Aquaculture in Australia:

Barramundi can grow to 1800 mm and 60 kg although they are usually much smaller. Their habitats can have an impact and effect the color slightly of the fish that live there. The back is blue-grey to greenish-brown, the sides are silver and the belly is more of a white. The fins are gray with the exception of the caudal fin that may be more of a yellow.
Barramundi has an elongate body form with a large, slightly oblique mouth and an upper jaw extending behind the eye. The lower edge of the preoperculum is serrated with a strong spine at its angle; the operculum has a small spine and a serrated flap above the origin of the lateral line.
After marine prawn farming barramundi farming is the second largest aquaculture activity in Queensland. Barramundi are bred in many kinds of culture systems across Australia. Queensland 's climate permits pond-based production of plate-sized fish,…

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