What Is Appropriate Leadership Styles Within The Context Of The Fictional Robson & Co Bicycle Company

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Assignment 1: Robson & Co

The objective of this report is to ascertain appropriate leadership styles within the context of the fictional Robson & Co bicycle company. There are four clear types of job within the company; management, administration, skill workers and unskilled/semi-skilled workers. Each of the above would require different styles of leadership and management to ensure effectiveness, flexibility and efficiency within the given roles.
Productivity tends to be higher if the management style is flexible for both the workers and managers (Ahrens and Chapman, 2004). Given the possibility, however, of having workers whose first language is not English, it may be preferable to have a stricter and more authoritarian or paternalistic structure to help enforce safe usage of machinery and avoid confusion when working in the loud environment (Jegtvig, 2014). The paternalism offered would also help keep the engines of the workforce and manufacturing running smoothly, given the context of hiring unskilled workers, locally, whom have little to gain from the position, other than a salary. A potential problem that may occur is the unionization of the unskilled workers, if the paternalistic system fails, there is the possibility of implementing a transformational and democratic leadership style. The new management role could help alleviate any disgruntled attitudes present within the workforce by giving them a choice in how the factory floor is operated (Clark, 1980).…

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