Animal Testing Facts

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Animal Testing
“Ninety-two percent of experimental drugs that are safe and effective on animals fail in human clinical trials because they don’t work or are dangerous” (“Animal Experimentation Facts”). This statistic shows animal testing is too inaccurate to be used and animals are not the same as humans. Even though animals are much different than humans, there are people who think testing drugs on the animals the right thing. When a scientist is testing a new drug they will inject the animals; such as rats, fish, monkeys, etc.; with diseases they wouldn’t naturally get and then giving them the certain drug they are testing for. When scientists are testing new cosmetic products one of the things they would do is shave the skin and rub a substances
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People should be able to trust the drugs available to us, but they can’t. Too many statistics show how drugs that have previously been animal tested have gone onto the market and taken innocent people’s lives. All the person wanted was a new product or drug to help their certain illness. The effects the drugs have on animals does not mean humans will have the same, “75% of side effects cannot be detected in lab animals” (“Reasons Why Animal Testing Is Pointless”). This fact is telling us, 75% of the time a side effect in the human discovers was never detected in the animal test. The side effects could range from simple itchiness to serious side effects like, organs shutting down or not working correctly. “A study has shown eighty eight percent of stillbirths are caused by drugs which passed animal tests” (“Reasons Why Animal Testing Is Pointless”). “The Hepatitis B drug killed five of seven people who were diagnosed with liver damage because the drug had been tested on animals first” (“Cruelty Free International”). Both these facts show how inaccurate test results can harm our well being. “Nine out of every 10 candidate medicines that appear safe and effective in animal studies falls when given to humans” (“About Animal …show more content…
Many statistics of animal experimentation show how consistently inaccurate results are reported. If scientists, doctors, or businesses need to test a new product it can be done one of the alternative ways that do not affect any animals lives and we can rely on. Even “Europe, the world’s largest cosmetic market, Israel and India have already banned animal testing for cosmetics, and the sale or import of newly animal-tested beauty products” (“Facts About Animal Testing”). If scientist keep testing on animals and do not branch out to other experiments they will become too content with animal testing and it will be around even longer than it needs to be. If we are testing on animals because they are unlike us then why are we testing them for unreliable results? Animals do not deserve to be burned, trapped, locked in tiny cages, suffocated, and taken away from their natural habitat just for another false results that ends up killing a human just trying to get better. All animals are here on this earth to live and love their own life, to be free and to be in their natural surroundings, not to be in laboratories being testing on like a piece of

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