What Is An Athlete? Essays

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What is an athlete? If it’s someone who can zoom through a triathlon or an ultra race without breaking a sweat, I think that could exclude most of us, even those who play sports. For too long has the definition of an athlete been ingrained in the minds of individuals right from their early school days— the all-star players the crowd cannot stop looking at, whose numbers are forever remembered, and always make the front cover of the weekly newspaper. I, for one, beg to differ. While I have utmost respect for these talented sportsmen, I believe there is much more behind this identity than the glory often associated with a varsity jacket. According to the dictionary, an athlete is defined as “An individual who participates in sports. Characterized by dedication, focus, intelligence, and work ethic.” In this definition, the key word is “sports,” which includes any competitive activity that requires a special skill set or physical prowess. When you hear the words “competition” and “skill” in reference to sports, what are the activities that come to mind? (pause to wait for answer) Good answers, expected answers, misconceived answers. It’s amazing how none of you thought of dance, fencing, ping pong, science, math, or even chess. That’s my point. The fact that I knew you all were going to say the conventional sports of basketball, soccer, field hockey, track, and wrote in this speech a list of activities that nobody would even say before my asking of this question states my…

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